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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines the digital and physical worlds to create a...

3 Reasons Your Organization Needs Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) is a type of software that allows IT teams to secure, monitor,...

You may have heard of malware. But do you know what it really is?

All forms of malware are extremely dangerous once they infiltrate a device, but the way malware...

5 ways businesses benefit from Managed Threat Detection and Response

How do you keep pace with identifying what’s a real threat? 

Three Steps to Stop Cyber Attacks: Prevention, Detection and Reaction

A lot of individual cybersecurity tactics include one or two of these steps, but not the full...

Cyber Security Regulations: Compliance and Where You Stand

If your business gathers and holds personal information about an individual’s health records,...

Are your employees’ credentials for sale on the dark web?

You may or may not be aware of the criminal underbelly of the internet known as the dark web and...

Leverage your Office 365 Business license to the fullest with these powerful programs!

The technology giant’s widely-known product, Office 365, is noted for its useful applications like...

No service call needed: Simple tips for cleaning your office MFP

But these devices aren’t immune to hardware issues which can potentially stall productivity. That’s...

"We have been a customer for about two years now and couldn't be happier with the service and outstanding level of professionalism we have received. Their team is responsive and knowledgeable. There is no one better for managed IT services then Kraft!"

Tim Doyle
Doyle & Ogden Insurance

"We have been with Kraft for many years and can always count on excellence service. Their servicemen always come the same day as our call and are very courteous and friendly. We are purchasing another printer and would not even consider going with anyone else."

Nancy Westhouse

"The staff at Kraft Business Systems are always very friendly and courteous. The Kraft team is reliable with their services. Festida Foods has been very happy with their rapid attention to our printing/copier needs."

Jodi McMurray
Festida Foods

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